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Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione Haul *_*

As mentioned from my previous post, I will be doing a separate blog for my haul from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione! :)

I bought most of these during the SuperSale bazaar while the other two were bought online.

First on the line is my current fave.. MeMeMe’s Beat The Blues Moonbeam for Php 380. There’s also Beat The Blues in Sunbeam and Angels’ Set which comes with Pussy Tint and Poppy Tint.


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2 years ago
When it rains, it pours. ^_^

WARNING! ☺ WARNING! ☺ WARNING!: Photo-heavy post! :D

For the HAUL month of July ^^,

It’s been raining for the whole month of July. When it rains, it pours. As for me, it’s been raining with blessings. I haven’t been blogging so much due to my neverending teacher stuff so since the classes is suspended today, I tried to make the most out of it!

For this post, I’ll be sharing with you all the blessings (material ones :D) I received from God. This is in no way bragging about the things I have coz I’m pretty sure you have better ones, I just want to share it with you lovelies.

So let’s START! Ü

1st of July marks our 38th month so here’s a monthsary gift from him. Tony Moly’s Appletox. Been wanting to have this since I got my Tomatox, which happened to be a monthsary gift too. I love how Tony Moly wrapped it in a box with a blue ribbon together with the freebies.

Again and again, a haul is not a haul without Etude House..

For this month, here are the babies added to my collection:

Juicy Cocktail Gradation nails, Orgel light eyeliner brush, repurchased my super fave Easy Brow Pencil and Surprise Me Essence Concealer and got the Shini Metal case GWP. I also bought some online goodies from Kkochi Pida :) got the facial foams for only Php250 each.. also got the cutesy curlformers, AC clinic powder spot patch intense and my most awaited Shini Star BB lotion which is absolutely “to die for!” I love it to bits!! I want moore! Finally I’m using this everyday! :P

Charmaine of Kkochi Pida is just the most generous girl when it comes to freebies. thank you! ♥

Last week I dropped by Etude House SMF to get my prize and upon entering the store, this newbie caught my attention— Happy essential foam in Hyaluronic Acid. I just love anything with Hyaluronic Acid, I always use Tony Moly’s Natural Pulp Essence sheet mask in Hyaluronic Acid. This cleansing foam deserves a product review coz I’m really loving it for a week now.

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2 years ago
January Babies ♥

Before February ends, here’s a not-so-quick post on my January haul.

Since my posts are always late comers, this haul will be focusing on my January Babies. :D

First stop:

Etude House and Nature Republic! ♥_♥

From Nature Republic I got the Body Peeling Mist and the Young Green Tea Leaf Essence. I’m looking for something that gives peeling to the body and the SA told me to try this one. I tried it right away as I arrived home., *excited* I sprayed it on my not-so-uberly-white knees, elbows etc. aaaaaaand rubbed it against my skin. I noticed some dirt ripping off my skin, ewww. :D I can say it really peels of something.. which is the dirt on my skin. I also noticed that it brightens that certain area. I have yet to try these several times and make a review if I’m really satisfied. ^^,

BTW, the Body Peeling Mist costs P440 but I got it for only P396 bcoz of my Beauty Essence Card. :)  

I have yet to try the  Young Green tea leaf essence, it was not love at first try. So I guess she still needs to prove herself to me. XD Anyway, the YGTL Essence costs P295. BB cream and Peach Facial Foam were my freebies! :)

Batopkors~ a haul wouldn’t be a haul without Etude House. Well, this is just some kind of RESTOCKING. I finished my 300 ml Silk Scarf Shampoo and Silk Scarf Conditioner after 5 months. woah! and.. don’t forget my Silk Scarf Hair Treatment which also ran out after 5 and a half months. :P Free pomegranate masks, as always.

The highlight of this Etude House haul is…..

the uber-lovely-iwanna-wear-it-everydayof-mylife Wanna Be Lipstick in So Chic Beige. Perfect!~ i love the consistency, the color pay-off, the over-all feel, the packaging, the… EVERYTHING! It’s not just M.L.O.B my lips only better. it’s more appropriate to say MBL as in My Best Lips. chosss. :D

My Nature Republic and Etude House babies living happily together. :P

oops.. we’re not done yet.

Have you heard of Tony Moly’s 40% SALE.

I’ve heard it all over and over again,


here’s what i got from the 40% sale. :) *jumping in joy*

the TOMATOX skincare line. (except for the spot corrector. :(  )

well, I was so satisfied with the TOMATOX Massage Pack which I review several months ago, HERE. that’s why I really wanted to grab this opportunity to buy the rest of the products in this line for a very affordable and cheaper price. 

After 3 days of trying and testing the TOMATOX Whitening Eye Serum, I panicked and rushed to Tony Moly to reserve another piece, which happened to be the last piece. Luckily, I still got it despite all the other customers attempting to buy it even though it’s already reserved. All thanks to Ate Michelle of Tony Moly SM Fairview. :))

Lastly, I had some online buys.

I’ve been eyeing on this EOS lip balm since forever. Finally got one in Summer Fruit.

My current addiction :P NYX Extreme Lip Creams. ^_^

After trying out the ever-popular Soft Matte Lip creams, I’m now digging these Xtreme Lip Creams.. :) Oh.. lip creams are ooh la~ la~

here’s a swatch of Pinky Nude

and here’s Bonfire.. ( i don’t have a swatch of buttery nude, but i tell you it’s a really pretty nude color)

I got these NYX lippies from Digital Traincase for only P290 each. It’s a must try! I tell you. It has 11 wonderful shades.. which i’ll definitely have to try all! 

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading.

See you all Makeup junkies at the SuperSale Bazaar in World Trade Center on March 2-4! :))


kuRn :>

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2 years ago
December Faves ^_^

**WARNING: Photo-heavy post! **

Today’s January 23, 2012. Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! :))

Another “New Year” for this year yet for this post I’ll be talking about last year’s last month raves.. my December Faves! ^^,

I guess it’s better late than never, so let’s get started!

Of course, my haul wouldn’t be a HAUL without Etude House, so let’s begin with my December Faves from Etude House :)

First of, I received these Moistfull Aloe babies as a gift from Etude House after they have chosen my suggestion for the Sweet Propose Contest! Yey~

They sent me a Moistfull Aloe Mist and Soothing Gel both in big sizes. I love them both!  ♥

Since, it’s the Holiday season, i thought of having some wavy curls so i got 3 packs of these large cutesy curlers for P78 each. They manage to curl my hair if they’re put onto it for like a half-hour to an hour. You really can’t expect these to give you nice and large curls within 5 minutes. Yay for heatless curls. :D

I also gave the Gradation nails a try, so i bought the Wannabe perfumed nails syrup. I’m a novice at putting gel liners that’s why i decided to finally get one for myself so there’s Touch touch shadow liner in black. I always watch Ms. Say of MakeupbySayTiocoArtillero and she’s been using the Easy brow pencil in dark brown so I got one for myself too.

Here are my online buys last December:

a Wannabe pouch and a Baby Doll Puff both from Etude House.

I got this Baby doll puff for only P321. (it’s sold at P378 in the stores)

i just lo0oooove how it makes my bb cream appear so natural on my face. I don’t know why but when i use this, I end up having a glowing skin ;). Maybe because when I use it with my bb cream, the sponge should have a very little amount of water, so maybe that’s the reason behind the dewy finish. When I feel like going matte, I just dab some powder on top of my bb and this puff just makes the finish Matte but not Flat. :) I’m just in love with it, though it takes a little effort to wash it everytime I use it.

The details of the Wannabe pouch are so0o adorable! It has some compartments, a handy strap and an engraved “wannabe sweet, welcome to the play house” on the surface. It has a leatherette texture, oh pink leatherette! o_O It really is a makeup pouch, something handy to carry inside your bag for those powder room touch-ups. And to top it all, I got this for only P99.00! Hooray~

I also tried, (at last!) Etude House’s Bubble Hair Color in Natural Brown.

Moving on, aside from Etude House, I also got some nice finds from ELF.

Lately, I focused on defining my brows, shaping them and anything about improving them, so I got this Eyebrow kit from E.L.F studio after roaming around the Cosmetics section at the Department store. :) It has a pretty little mirror, a mini angled synthetic brush  for the wax/gel and a mini eyebrow powder brush for the powder. >.<

During the SMX Warehouse sale, I got the chance to buy personally from MakeUp Hub by Naturelle Collezione. This SLEEK Eyeshadow palette is sold online for P620 but I got it for only P550 at the bazaar. If I’ll review this product, I’d consume 5 web pages coz I have so many good things to say about this. Really a nice buy!~

Of course, I won’t let the season pass without some NYX Cosmetics. I bought these babies online. I got one Soft matte lip cream in addis ababa, (hot pink lips! :*) , one Round lipstick in Fig and since I always watch Say using this as an eyeshadow base in her videos, I also got the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Another reason why I added NYX to my December haul is that they’re going to have a higher price at the start of 2012. Good thing I was able to grab these niceties at a cheaper price.

I only got one item from Nature Republic and it’s the Sensitive Hair Remover. I’ve mentioned some details about it in my previous posts. 

and of course.. maskssssss!

 I’ve tried some of them before and bought again. Some of them are my first try. They’ll surely be part of my “Maskara Festival” (review of all the masks I’ve tried). :P

Lately, I’ve been watching so much Makeup tutorial videos from several YouTube makeup gurus. I’ve been so interested in learning many things about Make Up that it has become my habit to sleep at around 3am everyday after long hours of watching Youtube videos, reading my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and sometimes practicing putting makeup on my face. LOL.

Because of this growing interest in makeup and doing makeup. I also got my eyes stuck on several makeup tools more specifically on MAKEUP BRUSHES!

I’ve read so many great reviews, raves and rants about different brands of makeup brushes. Some of them are locally available some are not, some are affordable some are quite pricey. But on my search for quality yet affordable makeup brushes, I’ve come across the following great, good and not-so-good finds:

Etude House offers a humble collection of makeup brushes. Most of them are made up of synthetic hair brushes. They come in uniform black and matte handles and ferrules with an elegant-looking “etude house” mark in pink that’s labelled on every brushes’ handle. I have their Multi eyeshadow brush, lip brush, gel liner/concealer brush and my recent was this Oblique shadow brush for P198.00. 

I also bought a couple of high grade Taklon brushes from E.L.F studio. One angled foundation brush and a complexion brush. They’re priced at P249.00 each. These brushes are elegant looking with right-sized handles and fine/soft bristles. 

One Multiply shop caught my attention with this 12-piece Bobbi Brown Make up Brush Set. I’ve learned about the different brushes and their functions in my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual that’s why I eagerly searched for a Bobbi Brown brush set.

and luckily, I got this one!! :)) a bag full of makeup brushes made of natural hair! yieeeeeee~ 

comes with individual brush guards in lengthy bamboo handles.

I’ve found The Best of the Best Brushes at the heart of Trinoma!

It’s located at The Ramp, Crossings, Trinoma.

It’s the CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES! Every known blogger has a review of their makeup brush set, may it be the Holiday set, or the professional brush set, the Travel Pro set, or the newly launched Vegan brush set! I got my eyes stuck on their Multiply site or in their Facebook page. Gaawwwwdd! It was love at first sight!  But, i didn’t buy the whole Vegan Brush set. :(

My conscience is telling me that I have just bought a Bobbi Brown brush set. So at my first venture, I only bought 2pcs. - foundation brush and lip brush.

After trying out my first buy, gosh! it was LOVE at first try! lol :D

When I went back to Trinoma, i bought another 4pcs- crease blending brush, pencil point brush, powder brush and blush/contour brush. Weeeeee* crazy me. I almost spent 2,500. The 14pc set costs 2500. I should’ve bought a set instead. *booo* Well, it’s okay. I’ll just buy what I need. (>.<)

They’re sold individually but you can also buy them as a set. :)

full-sized handles, high grade Nylon bristles,soft and non pricking brush-ends, lovely pink handles and black metallic ferrules, great quality yet very affordable. What more can I ask for? Oh yeah, I need to find a pouch for these. :D

Yey!~ that’s it for my December faves! :))

Every penny’s so0o worth it! 

I have another haul to post. My January faves this time :) Just waiting for my preorders to arrive. :D

How bout you girls?

What are your December faves? ♥


If you want a review about anything from my December Faves just lemme know and I’ll gladly do it for you! You’re the BOSS! :D


kuRn :> 

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2 years ago

Next post will be about my DECEMBER FAVES!
Oh gaaaad! It&#8217;s already January yet I&#8217;ll still be talking about December. lol

Next post will be about my DECEMBER FAVES!

Oh gaaaad! It’s already January yet I’ll still be talking about December. lol

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2 years ago
LATE POST: Nature Republic Philippines! ^^,

I know right? When everyone’s done posting their nature republic post.. here i am, posting about their launch last NOVEMBER 2011 when it’s already JANUARY 2012! 

Well, it’s better late than never, so let’s get started!

As I was saying, Nature Republic Philippines opened their SM North The Block Branch and SM Fairview Branch last Nov. 4 and Nov. 16, respectively.

I went to SM Fairview’s Grand Opening and also to SM North’s 3 days after it opened. Just went there to check their products, buy some stuff and of course, avail of the FREEBIES! ;)

Here’s the facade of the newly opened SM Fairview Branch.. it looked so bright and refreshing with all the white and green! I love GREEN! and I love how it feels relaxing inside the store since you get to rest your eyes on cool colors like white and green and other earth colors! 

i went straight from work with all my excitement and anxiety that the freebies’ supplies won’t last for a day. LOL I was definitely wrong coz, they have the same freebies up to now. XD

and here’s my first Nature Republic Haul.. :)

some masks, plus the free masks.. you get one free if you buy one. kewL!

since I’m not really familiar with all of their products yet, especially with their skin care, I opted to just get some basic stuff like body lotion, makeup remover tissue wipes, natural look eye liners one in pencil another one’s auto liner, and 3 nail polishes to avail of the free pouch. 

Here are the masks from Nature Republic which I have already tried:

(I’ll do a comparative review of all the masks I’ve tried lately, masks from Etude House, Tony Moly and Nature Republic.. and i’ll call it MASKARA FESTIVAL :P )

Of course, I won’t forget the freebies that I got during the grand opening..


free trial packs, mini bottles of bamboo of damyang toner and emulsion, a mini tube of their collagen bb cream :)

Other freebies I got were:

JGS Standee, poster, pouch, paper bag.. Jang Geun Seuk is just everywhere! I don’t even know him! hahahaha! :D

This was my second haul from SM North The Block Branch, this time, I got 10% off on all the products I bought because of my BEAUTY ESSENCE CARD, Nature Republic’s Membership Card wherein you don’t get rebate points, instead you get 10% discount on all products, automatically. Amazing, right? :)

i got the shower gel this time, two of their cherry rouge lipsticks, a lip liner, an auto eyebrow liner, and 2 peach cleansers plus I also have the green apple cleanser. :) freebies again! ^^,

As of now, after almost 2 months of using my NR buys.. 3 products, stand out from all the rest,

FRUITS- Morning Fruits Peach Body Lotion and Shower Gel. They go 0h so0 perfect together. They’re both for skin brightening. I just love the very yummy peach scent. The musk of the shower gel stays on the body even hours after shower, I also love how it makes bubbles! The lotion is very creamy and not greasy on the skin after application! I just love them. Some of my friends actually noticed that my skin is a little brighter than before.. oh really? I blame it to these two babies! :)

Another winner’s the SENSITIVE HAIR REMOVAL (it’s a cream on a tube with a sponge included) I don’t have the photo since I’m so lazy to take a picture of it right now. :D

It ‘s my recent buy. I’ve tried it twice in the store and I was amazed by its results but I was so0oo bothered by its scent so I didn’t buy it right away. The SA put some cream onto my hair on the wrist, the hair was gently removed after the cream settled for 3-5 mins. The SA gently rubbed the cream on my skin and the hair was slowly removed. WITHOUT any single pain! 

and as i’ve said, i didn’t buy it that time because of the “hair-chemical-salon-treatment-scent”.

after a month, I noticed that the hair on my wrist weren’t there, still. They haven’t grown even a month after they were removed by the cream. :D

amazing! :P so I made up my mind and got the last stock on the store shelf. :)

aaaaand! I’m loving it! I’m using it on my armpit. I don’t have to pluck and shave all the time and suffer all the pain and the little twitches of removing my hair on the armpit.. they’re just a busting cream away! no hassle~ I got over the scent already. :D

and there. sorry for the long post. ;D 

I just said what I had to say and and expressed how HAPPY I am that NATURE REPUBLIC is finally here in the Philippines!

another buddy to get all of my penny!~

Have you tried NATURE REPUBLIC? I’m sure you did! I’ve read your posts already :D


kuRn :>

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