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BLOG SALE!! ♥ ♥ ♥

This is the hardest decision to make.. to let go of SOME of my most precious babies. :’( Well, it’s better for them to find a new home rather than to die without even being noticed. 

I’m having a blog sale and the photos of the items on sale can be seen on my Facebook account, I set it on Public so everybody can access the album here:


Items are from my beloved ETUDE HOUSE, TONY MOLY, NATURE REPUBLIC collection. There’s also some other stuff like brushes, neutrogena sunscreen, sleek blush, etc. and opkors.. there’s lots of FREEBIES!!! ♥

Here are some SAMPLE items available:



All of the items in this album are PRE-LOVED but are RARELY used, some were even swatched only. They are all in PERFECTLY GOOD CONDITION because that’s how I take good care of my babies :). They’re NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD under my custody. :P

Also, the proceeds of this sale will serve as fund for my upcoming BLOG GIVEAWAY for my blog anniversary on June. Yaaaay!~ ^_^  I want to give back the best to all my ever loving readers who never tried and never thought 
of hitting the UNFOLLOW button despite all my SELCAs and vanity posts. :D

I don’t want to find sponsors for my blog giveaway, and I think it’ll be hard for me to find sponsors since mine’s just a Baby Blog. :)) So instead of robbing the bank, why not have a Blog Sale? :P

I’m so excited to shop lovely goodies for you my lovely readers. ^^,

Uh-oh.. but that GIVEAWAY will be happening on JUNE 2012. For the mean time let’s enjoy this blog sale. ♥

Here are some other info about the BLOG SALE:

If you want to BUY the item, just simply comment “MINE” on the photo and I’ll have it reserved for you. :))

I’ll be sending you a message regarding the payment details. You can pay me thru GCASH or BDO or in some cases, thru MEET-UPS.
Shipping is via XEND. 
Shipping Fee within Metro Manila is P50.
Meet-ups are available depending on the case. :P 

HAGGLING of Prices is OKAY, but not SUPER OKAY. >.< 

That’s it, lovelies! Enjoy!~~ ♥


kuRn :>

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2 years ago
Lippie Collection ^o^

Happy March 1, everyone! :)

I’ll start the month by sharing with you my lippie collection. 

It’s a combination of NYX, Nature Republic, Tony Moly but mostly Etude House.

I have 7 lippies from NYX, one’s not in photo.. my NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Buttery Nude. NYX is a great source of affordable yet quality lipsticks. I bought these niceties online from Digital Traincase. My favorite here is the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp.

Here’s my lip stuff from Etude House:

Wanna Be Lipstick in So Chic Beige, Look at My Lips in Paparazzi Coral, Fresh Cherry Tint in Orange, Petit Darling lips in PK004 and PP009, Peach Water Gloss in Plum Water, Apricot Stick in Cherry.

My only lippie from Nature Republic is Petite Cherry Rouge in G09 (the one i regret buying coz it’s already ‘broken’ its sort of melted already unlike the rest of my lippies). A lip plumper from Etude House, it’s very minty! :) I also have balms… to save my lips from dying :D Peach Lip Balm from Tony Moly, EOS Lip Balm my current favorite balm and Magic Tint Balm, the first balm I fell in love with.

That little Tony Moly tint that I never used. :P VIP Girl Lip Base that I almost never used also. :) It’s a base to make the lip color stand out more, and I dont have time to apply that. :D Some lip liners.. :)


My almost virgin lip palette from Etude House. I loooove this! But i don’t have the luxury of time when doing my makeup and using a lipstick’s more convenient to use. :P

Let’s have some SWATCHES…

After editing those 3 photos on top, I realized that I should’ve numbered them instead, coz it’s waaay easier to do it this way.. :D wahaha~

1 - Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint

2- EH’s Peach Water Gloss in Plum Water

3- EH’s Apricot Stick in Cherry

4- EH’s Magic Tint Balm #1

5- EH’s Fresh Cherry Tint in Orange

6- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

7- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

8- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

9- EH’s Petite Darling Lips in PP009

10- EH’s Petite Darling Lips in PK004

11- Nature Republic Petite Cherry Rouge in G09

12- NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural

13- EH’s Look at My Lips in Paparazzi Coral

14- EH’s Wanna Be Lipstick in So Chic Beige

15- NYX Round Lipstick in Fig

16- NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude

17- NYX Matte Lipstick in Angel

I don’t have a swatch for the palette coz my Mom caught me doing this and said I was wasting my money in wasting these lippies by swatching them on my hands. :) My mom might be an economist. :P

My most favorite of them all is Wanna Be Lipstick in So Chic Beige and I’ve mentioned why I’m diggin’ that lippie in my previous post. :D

So there’s my lippie collection. :) I hope you enjoyed scanning through the photos. XD


kuRn :>

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2 years ago
January Babies ♥

Before February ends, here’s a not-so-quick post on my January haul.

Since my posts are always late comers, this haul will be focusing on my January Babies. :D

First stop:

Etude House and Nature Republic! ♥_♥

From Nature Republic I got the Body Peeling Mist and the Young Green Tea Leaf Essence. I’m looking for something that gives peeling to the body and the SA told me to try this one. I tried it right away as I arrived home., *excited* I sprayed it on my not-so-uberly-white knees, elbows etc. aaaaaaand rubbed it against my skin. I noticed some dirt ripping off my skin, ewww. :D I can say it really peels of something.. which is the dirt on my skin. I also noticed that it brightens that certain area. I have yet to try these several times and make a review if I’m really satisfied. ^^,

BTW, the Body Peeling Mist costs P440 but I got it for only P396 bcoz of my Beauty Essence Card. :)  

I have yet to try the  Young Green tea leaf essence, it was not love at first try. So I guess she still needs to prove herself to me. XD Anyway, the YGTL Essence costs P295. BB cream and Peach Facial Foam were my freebies! :)

Batopkors~ a haul wouldn’t be a haul without Etude House. Well, this is just some kind of RESTOCKING. I finished my 300 ml Silk Scarf Shampoo and Silk Scarf Conditioner after 5 months. woah! and.. don’t forget my Silk Scarf Hair Treatment which also ran out after 5 and a half months. :P Free pomegranate masks, as always.

The highlight of this Etude House haul is…..

the uber-lovely-iwanna-wear-it-everydayof-mylife Wanna Be Lipstick in So Chic Beige. Perfect!~ i love the consistency, the color pay-off, the over-all feel, the packaging, the… EVERYTHING! It’s not just M.L.O.B my lips only better. it’s more appropriate to say MBL as in My Best Lips. chosss. :D

My Nature Republic and Etude House babies living happily together. :P

oops.. we’re not done yet.

Have you heard of Tony Moly’s 40% SALE.

I’ve heard it all over and over again,


here’s what i got from the 40% sale. :) *jumping in joy*

the TOMATOX skincare line. (except for the spot corrector. :(  )

well, I was so satisfied with the TOMATOX Massage Pack which I review several months ago, HERE. that’s why I really wanted to grab this opportunity to buy the rest of the products in this line for a very affordable and cheaper price. 

After 3 days of trying and testing the TOMATOX Whitening Eye Serum, I panicked and rushed to Tony Moly to reserve another piece, which happened to be the last piece. Luckily, I still got it despite all the other customers attempting to buy it even though it’s already reserved. All thanks to Ate Michelle of Tony Moly SM Fairview. :))

Lastly, I had some online buys.

I’ve been eyeing on this EOS lip balm since forever. Finally got one in Summer Fruit.

My current addiction :P NYX Extreme Lip Creams. ^_^

After trying out the ever-popular Soft Matte Lip creams, I’m now digging these Xtreme Lip Creams.. :) Oh.. lip creams are ooh la~ la~

here’s a swatch of Pinky Nude

and here’s Bonfire.. ( i don’t have a swatch of buttery nude, but i tell you it’s a really pretty nude color)

I got these NYX lippies from Digital Traincase for only P290 each. It’s a must try! I tell you. It has 11 wonderful shades.. which i’ll definitely have to try all! 

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading.

See you all Makeup junkies at the SuperSale Bazaar in World Trade Center on March 2-4! :))


kuRn :>

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3 years ago
Etude House vs. Tony Moly event. >.<

I think I’ll go nuts this weekend. :D

I almost lose my sanity because of these post from my two most favorite korean cosmetic brands.

First, from Etude House Philippines’ facebook fan page:

Hello My Dear Princesses and Princes! Visit us this Sunday in Eastwood Open Mall Park as we launch something amazing in the Belle De Jour Launch. Join us as we will be doing free make-overs for Facebook and Twitter fans!! Get a chance to win fab giveaways in Sweetie Spin :) See you all there!!

They even added this one:

 Hello Princesses, no registration necessary. We just need to verify that you are our Facebook fan then you can do the Sweetie Spin and get the make-over :) The make-over is focused on the new Nymph Aura Line! See you there! - Etude House Philippines

And I was like: 


I wanna go there!!

They also have a new profile picture:

Guess Who’s Our New Royal Friend? Oh gasss! I hate guessing..

Hmmm.. Is this about another endorser for Etude House?

Royal Friend… Friend? Meaning.. there’s only one person and not a group?

Oh crap!! It’s making me thrilled. I wanna go there!!! :D

But hell yeah, there’s another post from Tony Moly Philippines’ fan page:

Dear Tony Moly fans! Get a FREE Disco Diva Make Up by Korean Make Up Artists from Oct 15 to 16th at SM North Edsa and Oct 17th at SM Manila! See our poster for more details - See you all there! ;) - Tony Moly Philippines

They even added:

For minimum purchase of 1,000 peso you can get a FREE MAKEOVER by Tony Moly Korean Make up Artists! SM North Edsa Oct 15 (3PM to 8PM), Oct 16 (1PM to 8PM) and SM Manila Oct 17th (1PM to 7PM)!!! ;

Not only that.. Tony Moly has a very great deal of freebies/GWPs for the month of October..

(photo credits to: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2600065640134&set=o.173983709306234&type=1&theater)

See that? A triple expert BB cream as a GWP when your purchase is P1000. Hurray!! A snail cream sample goes along with your P500 purchase. Purrfect!!


Oh men, do you really have to do this Etude House and Tony Moly? Having almost the same schedule for fabulous events!!? 

I really want to go to these events.. Yeah, both of them. But I’m just thinking of the welfare of my wallet! hahaha :D

I just had my recent haul. and I’m planning to make the most out of Etude House’s last day of SALE on the 15th, also this coming Saturday. Plus the Nymph Aura Line is perfect I want to have them all. I promised that Nymph Aura Loose Powder that I’ll be back for her this Saturday. @.@

Another thing that bothers me.. (EerRggh, this kind of stuff.. really bothers me. haha~)

it’s the OPENING of the NATURE REPUBLIC in SM Fairview this coming Saturday. Also October 15,2011. #Gedemit!!#

Why all at the same date eh? 

They also have this Opening Promo of giving away a free bb cream or a facial wash to their first 200 buyers during there opening upon purchasing P500 or P300.

See those oh so0o wonderful gifts??

Waaaaaaaah! These things make me lose my sanity. :D

Dear wallet, good luck to you!

I’m still undecided. -_-

How about you girls..? 

Having heard of these good news from our friendly korean cosmetic neighbor, do you have any plans in mind?

What event will win your heart? ♥

Etude House?

Tony Moly?


Nature Republic?


kuRn :>

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